About US

Your brand is reflected in everything you do.

Founded in 1971

Herker started out as a small cleaning company in PA and quickly evolved into the region’s most trusted partner for exterior property services. With over 80 employees and 70+ service trucks and vehicles, we’ve had to expand to a second full-service facility in Frankford, Delaware.

Since our establishment, businesses & property managers of residential neighborhoods have chosen Herker for all their property maintenance needs. In the process, we’ve grown our operations as our clients have grown, earning the reputation for being the most innovative, professional and well equipped property maintenance company in the Delaware Valley and beyond.

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Highly trained, skilled professionals

Our staff consists of highly trained, skilled professionals who are experts at what they do. Above all, we take pride in our work, and we’re committed to making your properties look attractive, clean and professional.

Herker’s comprehensive services include professional landscaping, painting, pressure washing, low voltage lighting, parking lot services, and general contracting, among many others. Our clients include some of the nation’s most respected chain stores, department stores, food markets and banks, as well as churches, condos, retirement communities and pristine residential neighborhoods.

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