Roof Cleaning Services

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Did you know that those ugly black streaks on your roof are actually fungus and bacteria eating away at the quality and integrity of your shingles? Not only are these stains physically bad to look at, but they can also cause damage or further damage your roof.

Harmful organisms will move in and if left unchecked, an entire ecosystem will begin to form and the waste stream from this ecosystem will create acids that will break down your construction materials and penetrate deep into the surface of your roof.

Rooftop organisms like mildew and algae are unsightly but not as destructive as some of the more aggressive bacteria and fungus.

These algae, molds, mildews, bacterias, lichens and mosses directly decompose and break down your roofing material.

With the help of our experienced team at Herker, we can extend the life of your roof and restore it to its original beauty. We use environmentally friendly products that are harsh on bacteria but safe for you, your customers, pets and plants.

Our revolutionary cleaning system will lengthen the life of your roof and eliminate any harmful bacteria or fungus from your shingles. Trust the professionals at Herker to get the job done right, the first time.

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Gutter Cleaning Services

Overflowing gutters are the number one cause of water problems and cracked foundations. Failing to maintain your gutters can become a costly repair.

Herker offers gutter cleaning programs that will prevent flooded basements, cracked foundations, breeding grounds for insects and rotten wood.