Corporate Property Services

Your brand is reflected in everything you do.
Extend your vision with a stunning campus landscaping design and create a professional welcoming environment for clients and employees with the help of Herker.

When a company has only one opportunity to make a great first impression, it’s important to have a corporate campus landscape design that “wows” first-time visitors.

Specimen trees and gardens make an area of a property memorable. Irrigation systems keep properties green and can promote efficient water usage. Professional landscape maintenance ensures your property is always ready to make a lasting first impression.

Corporate campus landscape design and maintenance can play a key role in limiting risk on a property. Keep areas clear of dead trees and branches and walking paths free of debris. Keep pedestrians and drivers safe by clearing walkways and parking lots of snow and ice. Herker provides stunning landscaping and property services to uphold your reputation.

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We offer the following services to all our corporate clients:


Irrigation Services

Pressure Washing

Roof Cleaning


Snow Removal

Parking Lot Services

Tree Services

General Contracting